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Why Rural Oxford?


Rural Oxford is home to more than 40,000 people. Strong growth projections show Rural Oxford’s population increasing in the coming years.

Our communities have nurtured an environment that supports healthy living and active business culture.


Our enviable location at the junction of two of Ontario’s major highway systems makes Rural Oxford well connected to markets throughout Ontario and the United States.

We have six border crossings within 250 km, four international airports within 150 km, and in less than two hours, freight can reach intermodal facilities and ports for global export.


Rural Oxford is the most prosperous rural community in Ontario. 6,000 businesses successfully operate here and employ over 16,000 people.

We are seen as industry leaders in agriculture and have a substantial business presence and expertise in agri-business, food processing, transportation, logistics, and manufacturing.

Key Sectors

Our rich legacy in agriculture has fostered innovation and prosperity in many industries, including Manufacturing, Food Processing, Logistics, Construction, Agriculture and Entrepreneurship.

Agriculture & Agri-Business
From farming to agri-manufacturing and everything in between, we know agriculture.

Food Processing
Our rich legacy in agriculture has fostered innovation and prosperity in Food Processing.

Transportation & Logistics
More than 1,300 people across 20 companies move goods and supplies along our highway arteries.

From agricultural equipment to Tier 1 automotive parts, we are manufacturing excellence.

Gross Construction values have increased 38% in comparison to the 5-year average.

We thrive on helping new businesses succeed.

Expand Your Reach

Rural Oxford is the perfect place to operate your business, with close proximity to major highways, transportation terminals and urban markets while also providing a quality of life found only in rural communities.

The minimal traffic in Rural Oxford and our easy access to large centres allows you to get your products on their way quickly and efficiently. Road, rail, ship, or air – we have enviable access to them all thanks to our one-of-a-kind location that is in the heart of a major transportation corridor. Locally, regionally, nationally, or across the globe, your products are easily transported from Rural Oxford.


Million consumers within a day's drive


Border crossings within 250km


Ports access Great Lakes and beyond

Rural Oxford offers easy access to the world