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Newcomer Talent Retention Network Program

As a part of our support to employers, watch this video that covers what is means to be “Newcomer Ready”, the cost of not retaining your talent and how WILL Immploy can help you retain your workforce. 

Newcomer Talent Retention Network Program

As a means of assisting employers, we invite you to view a video that delves into the concept of being “Newcomer Ready,” the detrimental effects of talent loss, and how WILL Immploy can aid in retaining your workforce. Our services come at no charge, and entail the provision of an action plan, resources, and consultation from our knowledgeable experts in six retention areas. Join us in becoming Newcomer Ready! This program will be available until March 31st, 2024. Check out our website for more information: https://willemployment.ca/services/will-immploy/newcomer-retention-project/

About the Presenter

Daniella Quinones

WILL Immploy offers a suite of employer services to connect and equip employers to address their unique needs related to recruitment, hiring, onboarding and retaining immigrant talent. We assist you every step of the way;

  • Recruitment Services that provide you with access to a diverse group of talented candidates in Southwestern Ontario to meet labour needs.
  • Mentoring programs that bring together job-ready immigrant talent with volunteer mentors across Southwestern Ontario.
  • Education and Training for employers that provides support and resources to equip employers in best practices of recruitment, hiring and onboarding.
  • Retention Strategies and support that provides access to a network of retention experts and strategies that you can implement.
  • To get access to retention services, employers are encouraged to sign-up to access our online employer portal. (comes equipped with resources and chat option)

This project is brought to you by WILL Immploy – A project of WILL Employment Solutions and funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Visit them online: https://willemployment.ca/services/will-immploy/newcomer-retention-project/

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