A Night out in Oxford – April 26th

He hasn’t even reached the age of 20 years old yet, but Norwich Township resident Ethan Cornish has quite a track record of entrepreneurship.

In 2017 at 13, he created Acorn Sound and DJ. He took that business and incorporated it into Cornish Entertainment Ltd. “The name didn’t limit me to what we were able to do, and I thought instead of being hired for other events, parties, or weddings, why don’t we do our own? I have the experience of watching others put on events and our community is lacking some of these larger musical events.”

Ethan said he brought the idea up with others and they agreed it could be a positive thing for the Norwich area. “It could really boost our image with other communities, so we went with it.”

The result is ‘A Night out in Oxford’ being held on April 26 at the Norwich Community Centre beginning at 8:30 p.m. Ethan and his team are hosting what they are calling a night to remember. It will feature live music, food, and rock and roll.

“We chose to use the rock genre more specifically classic rock. Most of the music people listen to now is from the 70s up to the present but mostly to the 90s. Everyone likes the nostalgia, and a lot of people were around during that time frame. They relate it to past experiences in their lives. I’m 19 years old now and even my social groups listen to music from that era,” said Ethan.

Trying to decide on a band for this type of event is never an easy task but he explained his job was made easier by a group he’d seen before – Vagablond. “They do classic rock covers from Journey, Led Zepplin, AC/DC, some Fleetwood Mac, and more. We were so impressed that we sourced them out and found them playing at a nearby bar. Some of my friends and I went a second time to hear them and we were even more excited. We knew it was the band we should pick.”

He added he’s done his research and is building an entire experience on April 26 that includes a local food truck, Forkin’ Perogy. “We asked locals what food trucks in the area were their favourites and the majority of those we asked said they really liked this one.”

Ethan is hoping the event is successful enough that we can do it again and have it as something to look forward to and promote other local businesses. “Not every weekend, obviously, but maybe every few months. That would allow us to change up our vendors for example. If we have this food truck this time and the next time, we can choose one that’s closer. If there’s a new business, we can give them an opportunity to promote their brand and grow with us.”

The response to date has been incredible, according to Ethan, who said he’s put flyers across the area. That, along with a positive social media presence, has drummed up considerable interest.

“There have been a lot of Facebook comments, and our Instagram account has gained quite a few followers since we started promoting the event and we are doing a giveaway right now for some tickets there. We are doing what we can to promote it and also submitted a video for What’s Up Oxford as well.”

Ethan asked Norwich Township Council for a liquor license since it is being held on township property. He said the reception was very positive. “One of the councillors said they have caught the vibe and had seen the social media presence. They are very excited to see such a vibrant response from our communities.”

His entrepreneurial presence in the area doesn’t end with Cornish Entertainment Ltd. He also owns and operates a networking company for small businesses and residences. “Security cameras, internet, and believe it or not, the two actually end up merging at certain points. When someone else holds an event do they need Wi-Fi, do they need cameras? When my company is doing an event it makes it so much easier for me to provide them with the equipment they need. There is so much more I can bring to the table in terms of technology and innovation. I want to progress with what I am doing now and bring more people onto the team to reach out further and offer bigger and more improved experiences.”

Tickets for ‘A Night out in Oxford’ are available at https://www.cornishentertainment.ca/events.

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