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Key Sectors

Rural Oxford is home for many thriving business leaders across our key sectors, and with estimated land deals of over $5M and private sector investment exceeding $100M in the last three years alone, one thing is for certain… Oxford County is the place to be.

As a whole, Oxford County has become one of the fastest growing region’s in southwestern Ontario with a census population of 121,781 in 2021, up from 110,846 in 2016.

This 9.9% growth rate – lagging just behind London, Ontario – 4th among Canada’s fastest growing metropolitan areas – in the Southwestern Ontario region, Oxford County’s growth rate is nearly double the provincial average of 5.8%.

Each of our settlements is getting larger too. Businesses are choosing to locate here and people want to move here. The number of dwellings across the region has increased 9% since 2016 and we’re still growing…

Agriculture & Agri-Business

From farming to agri-manufacturing and everything in between, we know agriculture.

Food Processing

We're famous for our cheese and our rich legacy in agriculture has fostered innovation and prosperity in food processing of meats, grains, maple products, stroopwafel, and other delicious treats.

Transportation & Logistics

Our enviable location at the junction of two of Ontario’s major highway systems - 401 & 403.


From agricultural equipment to Tier 1 automotive parts, we are manufacturing excellence.


We know how to build. From design to custom windows and doors, to building supplies, modular homes, cement and clay products, green sedum roofs, and more.

Small Business

The country stores, cheese-makers and bakeries, retail shops, professional services, and unique tourism destinations in our growing rural towns make up the fabric of our rural economies.

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