COVID-19 Business Support and Resources

In these times of rapid change, with more businesses temporarily closing, reducing hours to permit daily sanitizing and re-stocking, or removing seating areas to accommodate government mandates, there are some things we should all be thinking about.

We need to keep ourselves, our friends and families, their friends and families and so on, as safe as possible by reducing the risk of exposure to COVID-19. We also need to consider how this will impact businesses and what business operations will look like in these times.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has a page dedicated to pandemic preparedness. On it, they list the many ways businesses might be impacted by COVID-19, from difficulty maintaining appropriate staffing levels to reduced foot traffic into businesses. On the page, there are many links to pertinent information which will help with planning, execution, and with answering any questions about what to expect and how to cope with the pandemic. Find out more.

If you are looking for a one link, brief and to the point resource, The Canadian Chamber of Commerce page for pandemic preparedness for businesses is located here.

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities is another great source and includes links to government sites with up to date information on changes and policy adjustments in light of COVID-19. Read more. It’s a super source for information on how our communities are handling the outbreak of COVID-19 and also contains information that is useful on a personal basis like how to isolate at home.

This link is for a Government of Canada page that goes through four key considerations for businesses. Support for employees, support for businesses, business travel and events, and business in international markets are all up to date and full of information.

One last resource for your business is a checklist of preparedness. This checklist will help your business assess what measures you already have in place and where you could improve your preparedness. View the checklist.

While we are busy finding our way through the COVID-19 pandemic, we should just a moment to remember that everyone is stressed and we are all facing the same frightening personal and business health crises. Be kind to yourself and to others! With Canadian government bodies of all levels now on board to help us navigate both the social and economic stresses, we can allow ourselves to remember that we are Canadian, and we always rise after a fall.

Stay Safe!

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