KALOS – Classic Done Differently

Local restaurant KALOS at The Oxford Hills in Mount Elgin has officially been reopened for public dining, warmly welcoming its patrons once more. Here, Head Chef Vikki Scott, Sous Chef John Porter, and their team strive to offer the ambience of elegance combined with the warmth and comfort of home. With their new menu, they do just that.

As Sous Chef John Porter explains, “This is not just another restaurant.” Their new, refined menu offers “homey” classics…..with a twist. Nestled in The Oxford Hills, KALOS is entrenched in a haven of nature. This has inspired a new, earthy take on tried and true classics. A wonderful example is the revamped Braised Short Ribs. This classic is meticulously prepared with pine needles and juniper. John opines, “It tastes like outside and has a woodland flavour.” The influence of nature will definitely be appreciated in many of these entrees. Another fresh take that will melt in your mouth is the Beef Wellington. Rather than encasing this tasty morsel in traditional puff pastry, as is the norm, it is encased in heavenly Phyllo pastry instead. What this results in is a lighter, fluffier version of this classic entree that will treat your senses to a feast of tastes and textures.

KALOS strives to offer the extraordinary. In this vein, a new option will soon be on the menu. As well as seasonal dishes, KALOS will offer monthly dishes inspired from around the world. There will be sumptuous offerings from France, Italy, Nigeria, and Japan, just to name a few! These entrees will offer a glimpse into these cultures, allowing one to travel to exotic places and savour exotic meals, without leaving their table. One can push the envelope, so to speak, and delve into new cuisine, authentically prepared. As John offered, “No need to travel around the world, come to The Oxford Hills.”

Ever important to KALOS, everything is prepared fresh, in-house, and with the greatest of care and pleasure. The preparation and plating of everything that KALOS serves, is undertaken in a meticulous manner, and with creative flair. One thing Chefs Vikki and John would like to do in the new year, is source more of their ingredients locally. They feel strongly that when you know where your food comes from, it makes a huge difference. Oxford County has a plethora of talented farmers and artisans able to provide delectable meats, vegetables, and cheeses, so finding the high quality ingredients that KALOS strives for will be no problem to find locally.

KALOS focuses on quality, both in its menu offerings and in the service they offer their patrons. The staff are attentive, friendly, and knowledgeable, and work together as a family. There is definitely a collaborative effort here. All staff contributed their thoughts and opinions on the new menu, each equally valued. This is not something you usually see, but this cooperative vibe definitely helped in the formation of a vibrant new menu. It also aids with the spectacular service that one receives at KALOS. Everyone is important, and everyone contributes.

Many patrons have offered stellar reviews on the service, as well as the offerings, at KALOS. That they received these reviews is no doubt due to the high level of training and expectations that KALOS offers, as well as the abilities of the staff themselves. Each and every one will offer their very best, and more, to their patrons.

If you’re looking for a fabulous dining experience close to home, prepared and served up by people who care, and who will strive to offer you the very best, come to KALOS and witness for yourself what it has to offer.

Visit https://theoxfordhills.ca/kalos/ for more information.

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