Snyder’s Family Farm Wins Innovative Experience Award

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BRIGHT – Snyder’s Family Farm was the winner of the 2020 Innovative Experience Award at the Southwest Ontario Tourism Conference by Heart FM.

It’s being honoured for its Physically Distant and Socially Connected Campfires that were introduced last year.

Co-owner Meghan Snyder says they have about 24 campfire sites spaced out across four acres for families to enjoy.

“We are lucky in the fact that we could commit and do something that provided joy to families and an event to families in a safe environment and that was really important to us.”

Each site has its own hand sanitizer station and masked staff members will bring food to the campfire sites and escort guests to the washroom.

She says it’s a safe VIP experience for the whole family.

“It’s not a campfire in your backyard. We take care of all of the details; we light the fire for you, we stoke the fire for you, we deliver food and drink including really nice bakery items, pizza, and other top-notch things made from scratch.”

Snyder says they’re going to bring back the campfires this year, hopefully starting in late May weather depending.

Heart FM

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