Willow Lake Campground and RV Park Partners with Black Folks Camp Too


You are Invited and Welcomed to enjoy Willow Lake Campground and RV Park in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada. Black Folks Camp Too is proud to announce its latest partnership with Willow Lake Campground and RV Park in Ontario, Canada. Through this partnership, Willow Lake will become the very first Unity Blaze Certified Campground in Canada.

“Willow Lake Campground and RV Park is excited to partner with Black Folks Camp Too to reach out to new campers and make camping accessible and inclusive for everyone. Families and individuals have camped in Canada and Ontario since the late 1800s, enjoying the beauty of our country and exploring nature and all it has to offer,” said the Jaycocks, owners of Willow Lake.

“It’s truly amazing to know that campgrounds in other countries understand the value of our company and mission. Willow Lake Campground may be smaller than others, but their impact is mightier than most!“ said Earl Hunter Jr., founder of Black Folks Camp Too.

Unity Blaze Certification

The Unity Blaze Certification is a comprehensive customer service course that illuminates “WHY” Black Folks Camp Too was created. WHY many Black folks have not entertained the outdoor lifestyle, and WHY it’s important to Invite and Welcome “more” Black folks and other folks to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle. All in all, the Unity Blaze Certification course was designed to “Increase Unity in the Outdoor Community and Beyond” while helping the Outdoor Industry increase revenue for years to come.

“More and More campgrounds are earning their Unity Blaze Certification and joining our Unity Blaze family! We believe campgrounds and parks that take the necessary steps to understand cultural awareness about creating intentional welcoming space for campers of ALL experiences and backgrounds, will be more successful,” said Earl B. Hunter Jr., founder of Black Folks Camp Too.

The real power of Unity Blaze Certification lies in its symbolism. When folks of ALL races, ages, and genders see the Unity Blaze Symbol, they know they are invited and welcomed! To that end, Willow Lake Campground and RV Park will feature the Unity Blaze Certification on their website and other marketing literature, and onsite at their campground and RV park.

About Willow Lake Campground and RV Park

Willow Lake Campground and RV Park has been around for almost a century, and since 2017, has been operated by Mark and Melanie Jaycock. Having won multiple provincial awards, Willow Lake Campground and RV Park is recognized as a fun, safe, family-oriented campground with full-service campsites and is popular not only with families from Southwestern Ontario but all over North America.

Fittingly, their motto is “Helping families create lifetime memories … one campfire at a time.” “We hope our partnership with Black Folks Camp Too will not only allow us to reach a diverse new audience but also shows our passion for diversity and inclusion in the camping world…we are very, very excited to welcome new campers to Willow Lake and to raise the Unity Blaze flag over our campground,” the Jaycocks commented.

About Black Folks Camp Too

Black Folks Camp Too is a company headed by Outdoor Industry Executives. Our mission is to remove fear, add knowledge, and invite “more” Black folks to camp and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle with ANY and EVERYONE. At the center of their logo is the Unity Blaze, which means ”You are Invited and Welcomed.” Your race, age, and gender do not matter. We are changing the world…one campfire at a time folks!

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