Chloe Weir – Singing Coach

There have been many small businesses open in Oxford County over the past few years and we see time and time again how many creative and talented entrepreneurs are out there. We can now add Chloe Weir to that list.

Chloe grew up just outside Embro in Zorra Township and has opened the Chloe Weir Music Studio in Embro after a lifetime of singing. “I started lessons from a lady down the street when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I was jealous that my older sister was doing it and it turned out I had a real affinity for it.” She sang with her sisters as she grew up and eventually attended the University of Toronto. “I took the vocal performance program and I studied with Darryl Edwards who is actually from Woodstock. He has had a wonderful career.”

Chloe recently decided to leave her place of work as a receptionist to concentrate on her passion for music and sharing it with others. “I recently took the plunge into full self-employment and working toward making the arts my full-time career.” She adds sharing her expertise is something she finds extremely rewarding. “I really love sharing my knowledge. I have been very lucky so far in everything I have been able to experience. I really love hanging out with young people, especially teenagers. Young people are some of the funniest and insightful people that you can talk to. They really soak up knowledge like sponges.” She also has immense respect for adults who decide to take lessons. “It takes a lot of courage to start a hobby like that a little bit later in life. I love to be in the presence of somebody who is putting themselves out there.”

There are a number of proven benefits for those who take up singing as a hobby including physical improvements. “You get better breath support, you work your core, you end up having fewer stress responses, you can lower your blood pressure, especially by singing with other people.” She adds mental health can also be improved. “When you put yourself out there even in front of one person, you practice putting yourself out there in any situation that makes you nervous. If you can put yourself out there in class, you can put yourself out there in your work life as well.” Chloe adds anxiety levels can also be reduced by just singing. “There are chemical responses in the brain that lower stress hormones when you sing. Whenever you are practising you experience those benefits.” She adds people’s self-confidence can also be improved and students can discover a real sense of community. “If you are looking for opportunities after individual lessons you can join community theatres, community choirs, and there are really vibrant, positive communities in small towns all over rural Oxford where you can make positive connections.”

When asked if she has any advice for someone sitting on the fence about taking lessons, Chloe says just give it a chance. “Taking the plunge at any age, any experience level is always a good thing. Think of it as something that is going to positively affect all the areas of your life. Just do it. What’s holding you back? If you don’t like it, you don’t like it. There is no downside to learning a new skill.”

Chloe’s lessons are taught at Knox United Church in Embro on Saturdays but she is hoping she will have more availability in the near future. For more information you can visit her Facebook page at or call her at 519-421-6044.

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