Discover Rural Oxford

Discover Rural Oxford

Rural Oxford EDC and Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show are excited to launch the “Discover Rural Oxford” exhibit, an exciting initiative set to debut at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show on September 10th, 11th, & 12th, 2024. 

This program provides a unique Marketing Partner opportunity that will showcase up to 12 distinct rural businesses at the “Discover Rural Oxford” exhibit over the course of three days. Participating businesses will not only showcase their products but also offer visitors an interactive experience, allowing them to taste, touch, or try the locally sourced goods firsthand. Moreover, the vendors will have the opportunity to sell their products directly on-site as the only take-home products available at the show. “Discover Rural Oxford” not only promotes economic growth within the region but also fosters connections between producers and consumers in the agricultural community. This innovative market-style approach aims to unlock new opportunities for Rural Oxford’s entrepreneurial ecosystem while enriching the overall experience of attendees at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show.

If you are interested in this opportunity and would like to be considered for one of the 12 “Discover Rural Oxford” booth spaces, please review and complete this application as well as agree to the terms below:
What’s Included?
Participating Marketing Partners will:
  • Be featured in the “Discover Rural Oxford” exhibit for 1 day during Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show (includes booth essentials) valued at $1500
  • Be promoted throughout a “Discover Rural Oxford” digital campaign valued at $2000
  • Be cross-promoted with Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show marketing material
  • Receive free admission to the Farm Show for staff

What’s Involved?
Participating Marketing Partners will commit to:
  • Showcasing their goods in an interactive way (taste, touch, smell, demo)
  • Bringing a POS system to sell products direct from exhibit
  • Providing all extra equipment required to run their booth space effectively (extension cords, coolers, trays, single serve items, table cloths etc.)
  • Adequately staffing their booth for set up, a full day at the show, and tear down
  • Abide by the scheduling provided by Rural Oxford EDC
  • Cross-promoting “Discover Rural Oxford” digital content
  • Providing an inclusive and welcoming space to fellow vendors and patrons
  • Respond to a Participant Survey sent out post-event

Who Can Apply?

Preference will be given to Participating Marketing Partners that:
  • Have a physical business location in one of the five Rural Oxford Townships,
  • Have a website and strong social media presence on 2 or more platforms,
  • Agree to be an engaged Marketing Partner for the “Discover Rural Oxford” program,
  • Direct Sales, Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing businesses are not eligible.

Full Disclosure:

This Marketing Partner Program is a collaborative effort valued at $18,000. In order for all participants to benefit from this community collaboration, all Marketing Partners must fulfil their commitment.

Rural Oxford Economic Development reserves the right to invoice participants who do not fulfill their role in the community collaboration in the amount of $1500+hst, which is equivalent to recouping the cost of being a vendor at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show per day.

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