Coffee and Cocktail Caravan is Community Focused and Community Driven

Coffee and Cocktail Caravan is Community Focused and Community Driven.

Sisters, best friends, and entrepreneurs, Pam and Paula de Montmorency, own and operate Ray’s on the Dell, a mobile specialty coffee truck in Norwich, Ontario that pops up at Oxford area events to serve the local community. Pam and Paula felt that there needed to be more local options available for consumers and business, where community is the forefront thought. One where the coffee is always phenomenal and the treats are always sweet.

Having spent the last year operating seven days a week in Long Point, Ontario, Pam and Paula decided to go mobile! They love their flexible business model and travelling throughout Oxford County to provide a bespoke and unique, elevated coffee experience.

Ray’s on the Dell embodies “Support Local”. From utensils to the baking, from the trailer to the coffee, the ladies behind Ray’s on the Dell have tried to support small businesses in Oxford County. They believe that community support is vital to succeed. Supporting local doesn’t just help one or two people, but the community as a whole.

Pam being the brains behind Ray’s on the Dell, started to come up with how she wanted this business to operate. Paula joined in almost immediately to support her sister, and their shared passion – which is connecting with people. Yes, serving quality, locally roasted coffee is one thing, and elevating that experience is another, but really providing for people is the heart of their enthusiasm!

They didn’t just settle on any old name either, Ray’s on the Dell was crafted exquisitely with its purpose in mind. Raymond was their grandfather’s name and Douglas Raymond was their father. Both men owned farms, were incredibly hard working, and dedicated to their family. Both men farmed on Maple Dell Road in Norwich and thus created the homage to the men that started it all, Ray’s on the Dell.

Now, not everyone would love working with their sister, but Pam and Paula love it! They’ve been incredibly close since childhood and they wouldn’t dream of doing this with anyone else. Their skillsets complement one another so well that running Ray’s on the Dell seems meant to be. Pam’s more the outgoing one, the public figure, while Paula is more methodical and systematized behind the scenes.

They see themselves dedicating even more time to Ray’s on the Dell over the next five years and are excited about where their entrepreneurial spirit will guide them. Knowing that community support is vital to their business’ well being, Pam and Paula see Ray’s on the Dell as a vehicle to be able to give back. You’ll find them connecting with people and serving fresh coffee at the Norwich Chamber of Commerce’s Golf Tournament fundraiser next week.

You’ll also find these ladies travelling to the Ram Rodeo in Ancaster, the Burford Fair, Caledonia for Food Truck Night and they are especially looking forward to parade season. Follow along with Ray’s on the Dell’s Instagram and Facebook pages to see posts about their local musings, whereabouts, and next stops. Learn about Ray’s on the Dell’s full menu and service offering at

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