England and Wales join forces to open a delectable bakery near Mt. Elgin

There are plenty of small business good news stories to go around, but this one brings a smile to one’s face and a growl to one’s belly.

The Rose and Daffodil Bakery, located near Mt. Elgin, bakes incredible fruit, meat, and vegetable pies along with favourites like lasagna, shepherds pie, cabbage rolls and soups. If you were to go to the bakery on Prouse Road, the first thing you would notice is how much fun the partners are having while they work.

Angela Thompson and Debra Sampey are both immigrants to Canada, Angela from England, and Debra from Wales, and they have the accents to prove it. “We both come from across the pond. We have that shared experience coming from one country to another,” said Debra. The tandem met while working at Leaping Deer Bakery and Coffee Shop in Ingersoll which unfortunately shut down due to the pandemic (but has since reopened).

Debra and her husband recently purchased the property and with Angela’s help they decided to build the bakery inside the shed and if you could see the pair together, you would see the food they create is made with incredible joy.  “We thought in for a penny in for a pound. We don’t have much to lose and the response from the public has been tremendous so far.” For now, their products are available by ordering online and through the Port Rowan Market website, but their biggest customer is YFM in Woodstock. “Many of our products can be purchased there including mac and cheese and quiche.  We use a lot of their stock such as local cheeses and vegetables to make our goods. We like to keep it local and we also use JTK meats and Arva flour,” said Angela. The bakery also offers free delivery in the Ingersoll to Tillsonburg area.

The pair have discussed opening a storefront in Oxford County, but nothing in the short-term.  “It depends who you talk to,” laughed Debra.  She added that “a storefront is a big commitment. Then you have to start employing people and the cash flow needs to be there.”

Some business names have a story behind them, and the Rose and Daffodil is no exception. The rose represents the national flower of England while the daffodil represents Wales. “We googled and went through all sorts of names, but we feel we wound up with something pretty unique,” said Debra.

Have a look at their new website at www.roseanddaffodilbakery.com, but be careful, everything looks delicious!

Rural Oxford Economic Development is a proud supporter of Rose & Daffodil- a successful participant of the $1000 Rural Oxford E-Business Grant Program.

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