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Matt Fleming has lived in Oxford County his entire life.  He has also spent 24 years working in the HVAC business in service, sales, management, and training, so it seems now the next logical thing to do is start his own company.  “I felt the next step in my adventure was to go out on my own.  I’m excited and looking forward to the challenge.”

The Thamesford resident knows exactly what he needs to do in order to survive self-employment, and that is to serve the community he lives in by providing honest, reliable advice and exceptional service.  “I’ve seen all the different aspects of the trade.  I have worked with other technicians at other companies and I have felt that at times there needs to be a higher standard and I feel that’s something I can provide with my years of experience,” said Matt.  In order to provide the best service possible, he needs to keep his clientele local and within the boundaries of Oxford.  “To travel a few hours in the middle of the night for a service call isn’t a good idea.  I want to be able to serve my clients in a timely manner.”

Part of Matt’s decision to venture out on his own is based on economic growth.  “Oxford County is really growing.  Thamesford is really growing.  More HVAC equipment is being installed as more new homes are being built and people will need service and maintenance.”  Matt says despite the building boom locally, he is keeping his business tailored to the retrofit side of things unless he gets a request to work on a new build.

The HVAC industry is constantly changing and technology is a big part of the change. There are always new and innovative product lines in air quality, air conditioning and more.  “We are striving for efficiencies today and the equipment is always improving.  Technology is a big part of that so I make sure I keep up on what’s coming out,” he said.

While Matt is starting off small at the moment with one van, he does aspire to grow.  “That is definitely the intention.  You aren’t in business until you’re in business and the company may be new but I’m not.  I am looking to grow my business in the community I live in and provide outstanding service to Oxford County residents.”

As we move into the fall and eventually winter seasons, Matt is reminding homeowners to be proactive when it comes to preventative maintenance.  “You can prevent a lot of problems before they happen, so now is the time to book your fireplace, furnace, and water heater checkups now.”  Currently, he is offering no tax on these services.  “A good majority of calls we go to after hours and on weekends are to deal with issues that could have been prevented during regular hours and at regular prices,”  Matt adds that by performing regular maintenance, you can avoid costly repairs and parts down the road.

Opening a new business can be a difficult undertaking but Matt says the Rural Oxford Economic Development Corporation helped him along the way.   “They were very beneficial to me in terms of the steps I needed to take to open my own business.  Their knowledge and outreach were very helpful throughout this journey.”

Fleming Home Comfort can be reached at 519-617-4205 or through the website at www.fleminghomecomfort.com

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