From Rural Oxfords Backyard to Your Front Door!

Blue Cow Delivery, owned and operated by Carl & Andrea VanRooyen, is a local business in Norwich Township that is passionate about environmentally sustainable practices, and the support of other local businesses, as well as being able to offer its customers local products. Purchased in 2019, Andrea and Carl had a plan for this business, in which they would move from mainly offering dairy products to a more broad grocery list of items. In their Online Shoppe, you will find milk, cream, cheese, fresh and cured meats, breads, and various other products for single sale, or to be purchased on subscription.

Offering many items for delivery, their main seller has traditionally been milk in glass bottles. This harkens back to the old days where many of our daily items were delivered from local producers/vendors. One of the lovely things about Rural Oxford is that these practices are available to us, and can still be such a convenience!

Blue Cow Delivery offers many different products, all sourced from local growers/producers and artisans. They offer household staples such as milk, cheese, bread, meats, and much more! Many items are available via the convenience of a subscription, which means you never need to run out. Your subscription could be set as a weekly purchase, or to be delivered every two weeks. You decide what is best for your family.

One of the more charming things about Blue Cow is that it fully supports other small businesses. Blue Cow Delivery sources their items locally from Oxford County as well as from neighbouring counties like Haldimand, Perth, Middlesex, and Elgin. “Everything comes from within two counties,” explains Carl. Therefore, products are fresh and available to you much, much sooner than what you may find in a big box store. In fact, Carl tells us that “…there have been times when a shipment of milk has been ready to be delivered to us, the truck sitting in our driveway, but had to wait for paperwork to clear before it could be unloaded.” Yes, it’s that fresh!

Blue Cow’s delivery service follows an ecological approach, where deliveries are “not necessarily a ‘next day service’,” notes Carl. Different areas have different delivery days, allowing for a more efficient emission control, and product distribution. There is a map on their website that will tell you when the delivery day for your area will be. Not only does this save on emissions, but it allows you to plan appropriately for your purchase.

As well as partnering with other local businesses, Andrea and Carl also offer various meats, frozen and cured, from their own business, Greener Pastures Eco Farm. These can be found on their online shop in ‘The Larder’. There are many sumptuous choices!

“Our vision for Blue Cow is to provide a complete grocery delivery service offering products exclusively from local farms and producers.”

Please visit to view all its offerings, or visit them Saturdays at the Woodstock Farmers Market. You won’t be disappointed!

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