Go Beyond Entrepreneurship

We’re excited to partner with Community Futures Oxford and the Woodstock & Area Small Business Centre to bring this exciting series to Oxford County.
We know that you’ll gain insights into how to grow your business beyond start-up.

Go Beyond Entrepreneurship:
Accelerate the Transition to Wealth-Building Business Owner

One Session per Week | 4 Weeks | Ongoing Support

Regularly $1,200        Now priced at $600 

When they launch, most entrepreneurs have visions of developing a business that feeds their passion while building exceptional wealth. But the reality is often quite different and some remain stuck in a frustrating cycle of chasing growth without actually achieving it.

This inspiring and actionable learning program covers:

  • Assessing your current customer base & financial position to find the path for scalability
  • How to manage money and time differently to power growth
  • Ways to overcome self-imposed restrictions that entrepreneurs sub-consciously erect
  • Boost marketing and sales results by making simple changes
  • Build a great team and empower them to accelerate
  • Systems, automation and making business easier
  • Manage by numbers to make yourself dispensable by design

The program will be delivered over 4 weeks on Tuesdays from May 22 – Jun 12, with classes running 8am-1pm

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