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It’s not every day you get the opportunity to name a golf course and potentially win a free year’s membership.  But that is exactly the contest that partners Steve Bohner and Marco Muzzi are running for the former Mt. Elgin Golfers Club.  The online contest has already been an incredible success with over 600 entries.  The contest closes on October 12th, 2020.

Bohner, who has lived and worked in Oxford County for most of his life and is President of Hydra Dyne Technology Inc. in Ingersoll, purchased the course as a bankruptcy sale. His first thought was to simply build a house, but once he took a look at what was there, he quickly changed his mind.  “I couldn’t just build a house on this beautiful property.  It would be a crime, so I decided to fix it up.”  The vision transitioned from being more than just a golf course to designing a destination for Oxford County residents and beyond.  The new clubhouse will include a top-notch event and wedding facility, a chef who will feature locally-sourced food and large, covered patios for everyone to enjoy.  Plans also call for a microbrewery to be up and running by 2022.  As for the golf course itself, some holes will be moved around to create a better layout.  The construction on the site is expected to be completed by as many local contractors as possible.

Muzzi says they have received a tremendous amount of support across Oxford County.  “Rural Oxford Economic Development has facilitated some introductions for us and provided some tremendous online exposure and now we are working with Tourism Oxford to explore other partnerships and opportunities.” Both men add that municipalities of South-West Oxford and Oxford County have been very accommodating when it comes to planning on the work that needs to be done.

The course’s Head Golf Professional, Nick Ens, has already received calls about purchasing memberships for next season. Anyone interested is encouraged to call him at (226) 342-7454.

You’re going to love it.

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