Oasis of Luxury in Thamesford : Extended Beauty Spa & Training Studio

You would never guess from its unassuming exterior, that inside the converted old firehall lies such beauty and opulence! From its freshly painted walls, to the gleaming floors, to the ornate chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Allisha Coupar had a vision, and this vision was painstakingly transformed into reality in this salon.

This is Extended Beauty’s second location (the other being in London), and it is an oasis in the country. Allisha really began her entrepreneurial journey in childhood, running lemonade stands and the like, and has always held that interest. It’s what started this journey.

After moving back to Ontario, Allisha decided that she would start doing lash extensions out of her home as a side gig, never expecting it to become the business it is today. But, her home business was thriving and Allisha was good at it, so Extended Beauty was established in 2015. In the span of a few short months her client list “took off”, she said. Eventually she added more services and the business outgrew her home and she moved to their London location.

Allisha and her family moved to Thamesford in 2020 and while the service industry was getting back on track after covid ideas began swirling in her head. Thamesford, a quaint community, didn’t have the ‘luxury’ businesses that London offered. “Why not?” Was Allisha’s thought. People everywhere loved to be pampered, to appreciate beauty, and deserved to have that opportunity without having to drive for it. Extended Beauty-Thamesford was beginning to form in her head. Allisha “always wanted an oasis, a beautiful place (for people to go)….to feel luxurious.”

Last summer, in July 2023, Allisha and her husband saw that the old fire hall was for lease, and decided to inquire. After inspecting the hall, Allisha began envisioning the possibility of opening a salon in Thamesford. To gauge community interest, she posted an open question in the local Facebook group.

The response was overwhelming! Allisha received an abundance of positive feedback and support, with even her potential “competition” offering their best wishes for her venture. “It’s a different vibe here,” Allisha remarked, expressing her deep gratitude for the warm reception. “Everything happens for a reason… in the right time.”

What is phenomenal about Extended Beauty opening up in a more rural area like Thamesford, is not just that an opportunity for pampering has gotten just that much closer, but that it opens up a plethora of opportunity both for regular employment, and those independent contractors who can expand their business by renting a room or chair in a salon and build their clientele in that way. The the local economy gets a boost; it’s a fabulous opportunity for everybody. Allisha is also very appreciative to be able to hire more local talent, and continues to look for opportunities to expand her offerings at the salon. In fact, more expansion is coming. The basement of the fire hall is being renovated with an eye to providing more opportunity for the community.

Discover an oasis of luxury and relaxation. This exquisitely decorated salon will leave you breathless, beautiful, and well cared for. Visit https://www.extendedbeautysalon.com/ to see what they have to offer you!

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