Oxford Connection Releases New Video Series Showcasing Rural Strength to Prospective Investors

The Economic Development Offices of Oxford County – collectively known as the “Oxford Connection” – are pleased to announce the release of a new video series showcasing how attractive the area is for new investment and growth.

The Familiarization or “FAM” Tour video series takes a deep dive into what makes Oxford County and the municipalities it is made up of such a desirable destination for investment. The videos are available on the Oxford Connection website and highlight the County’s strengths including its location at the crossroads of Ontario’s most vital highways and rail systems as well as an emerging centre of growth in Southwestern Ontario. Also emphasised are advantages and support for growing businesses, budding entrepreneurs, and new families.

“Oxford County’s economic development offices have a longstanding history of working together to entice new businesses. These videos paint a picture of just how attractive our area is to invest, build and live,” says Warden Larry Martin. “From our three urban municipalities to the five quaint, rural townships, Oxford County is the greatest place to grow.”

Oxford Connection hosts a bi-annual in-person FAM Tour, inviting potential investors and site selectors to spend a day getting familiar with the area and building relationship with the economic development teams in Oxford County. It is not only about the financial opportunities, however, as tourist attractions and small community lifestyle are also a part of what makes Oxford County unique.

“These digital assets will complement the returning in-person FAM Tour as well as help us reach and showcase the uniqueness of Oxford County to broader audience.” says Ronda Stewart, Project Lead and Economic Development Director at the Rural Oxford Economic Development. “We have so much to offer any company or entrepreneur looking to set up shop in the heart of the South-Central Ontario Region.”

This Oxford Connection digital project is a collaboration between the Rural Oxford, Tillsonburg, Ingersoll, Woodstock and South-Central Ontario economic development teams, and Future Oxford with support from OMAFRA’s RED program.

For more information, contact:
Ronda Stewart
Rural Oxford Economic Development

Brad Hammond
Woodstock Economic Development

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