Regional RideShare is here


The average annual driving costs for a Chevrolet Equinox are over $11,500 or $0.66 a kilometre.

~SOURCE:  CAA, 2013

What is a Regional RideShare?

Regional Rideshare is a FREE website that matches potential carpoolers in Southwestern Ontario.

Simply sign up and enter your driving preferences. The system will match you with other carpoolers in your neighbourhood or on your route to work.

What’s in it for my business?

• Help employees keep more of their pay in their pocket
• Improve employee productivity by reducing their stress levels*
• Free up parking spots for visitors and customers
• Enhance your corporate image

Your employees will benefit too!

• Save money on gas and parking
• Reduce vehicle wear and tear
• Make new friends and get to know colleagues
• Feel good about contributing to cleaner air

Going Your Employees’ Way!


*Studies have shown that commuters who travel long distances and commute with others have lower levels of stress and lower blood pressure.


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