Tavistock Spray Pad Project Donation

It is with great pleasure to announce that Saputo has donated $35,000 towards the Tavistock Spray Pad project through the Saputo Legacy Program.

The Township of East Zorra-Tavistock has also recently increased their financial support towards the project and has selected Queen’s Park as the location of the Spray Pad.

The Community has been challenged to raise $100,000 towards this project and the support of the Saputo Legacy Program has kickstarted this campaign. The new goal to now raise is $65,000!

The next steps for this project will be to establish a fundraising team. There will be an announcement on this team soon!

The Township of East Zorra-Tavistock has also recently applied for the Trillium grant. Even if this grant is successful, the fundraising must continue, and the target met for this project to succeed.

Karen DePrest, CAO East Zorra Tavistock
“We’re very excited to see the support, from a large community partner like Saputo, get behind the Tavistock Spray Pad project. A donation of their size helps kick start the community fundraising initiative, and bring the project closer to construction. We know the community is already very supportive of this project, and we appreciate the many local volunteers and businesses who will support the project into the future.”

Danny and Haley Roth, Fundraising Team
“Community projects cannot happen without the support of local businesses such as Saputo, and the support of the Council and Staff of East Zorra Tavistock. We are grateful for the large donation the Saputo Legacy Program has given, and we cannot wait to see our community come together and support this project.”

Stéphanie Roy, Manager, Community Relations at Saputo
“We are delighted to support the Tavistock Spray Pad project through our Legacy Program, which invests in the communities where our employees live, work and play to help them lead healthy lifestyles. We hope our contribution to the Tavistock Spray Pad will benefit many of our employees, their families and all local community members.”

Community engagement is important to Saputo and the company strives to invest 1% of its pre-tax profits each year in community programs and organizations that promote a healthy lifestyle for people of all ages. To learn more, visit Saputo’s Community Page.

If you represent a family, organization, or business that may be interested in leaving a longstanding legacy through the Tavistock Spray Pad, please contact the Fundraising Team. Donations can be made in trust at the Township Office.

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