The Bright Garden – Bringing Brightness to You

Flowers have always held a cherished spot in our hearts. A beautiful bouquet signifies feelings of happiness, beauty, and contentment. With a deep love for gardening and all things floral, The Bright Garden is dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and beauty with every arrangement. It’s also all about good vibes. When Vanessa Crawford launched The Bright Garden in March 2023, she envisioned a brand that would be fun and carefree, but polished and cohesive, representing her authentic self, which she says is retro, vintage and boho. To achieve this, Vanessa pictured a beautiful, wildflower aesthetic for her florals. “Flowers sell themselves,” she says, but Vanessa wanted to ensure these bouquets truly represented herself and her vision, and that they do!

In February 2023, while visiting her sister, Vanessa found herself on a trip to a local floral farm. She remembers discussing her love for flowers, and making an offhand comment that she would love to grow and sell flowers as well. The response from her sister was, “Why don’t you?” It was that weekend that Vanessa decided to jump in and start a floral business. “I’ve always loved gardening and flowers,” she said. So, it was no big leap to turn this passion into a business.

Things moved quickly, and by March 2023, The Bright Garden was established.
The name is a nod to both the town she and her family live in and that flowers bring brightness to others, and their homes. Vanessa then began selling  bouquets at the end of her laneway. Another newer business in the area, The Butcher Barn, offered to sell her floral bouquets in their store and she frequented her local Markets.

Vanessa mused that The Bright Garden took off so well due to many happy opportunities occurring at once. She received fantastic support from the community, with much of its sales coming from local patrons in Bright and the surrounding areas. Vanessa expresses deep gratitude for this overwhelming support, there is a great pride in her community for local endeavours. A common thread that seems to weave through many rural communities in Rural Oxford.

While individual bouquet requests are welcomed, and beautiful ready made bouquets are available for sale, The Bright Garden also offers floral subscriptions. This fantastic concept allows you to have the beauty of fresh flowers regularly delivered to your doorstep. The Spring Bouquet Subscription, for example, gives you 4 weeks of spring blooms from May through June! There are five subscriptions to choose from. You won’t be disappointed by any of them! Check out The Bright Garden’s subscription options at their website,, or find them on facebook, and Instagram

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