There is More to Mine in Rural Oxford than Gravel and Limestone

Embro Town Hall – current sign and historical picture

This past Oct 17, The Rural Oxford Economic Development Corporation and Oxford Country Library held a networking event at the Embro Town Hall. The event brought together entrepreneurs from rural Oxford County under the Oxford Rural Entrepreneurs banner – ORE.

The networking meeting was the first effort to create a virtual community of ORE. I’m not talking veins of gold suddenly appearing in the local limestone and gravel quarries, but something much more valuable to rural communities. I’m talking Oxford Rural Entrepreneurs. The fabulous thing about ORE is that unlike mineral ore, the mine will not be depleted with use, but rather will continuously regenerate itself by attracting more and more people to become ORE as more rural entrepreneurs become successful. In turn, our community will benefit from more ORE as businesses grow and flourish in rural Oxford.

Doug Turvey – Town Crier

Town crier, Doug Turvey, called the room to attention at Embro’s historic Ye Olde Town Hall for a meeting of enthusiastic entrepreneurs and service providers.

Rural Oxford Economic Development Corporation (, Oxford County Library (, and Community Futures Oxford ( were on hand to let it be known that support is out there for both established and new rural entrepreneurs.

Zorra Mayor, Marcus Ryan

Mayor Marcus Ryan gave a welcome to attendees and highlighted the significant impact of back road businesses on rural communities. Those back road businesses that are the heart and core of ORE range from restaurants and services to professional services and farm-based businesses and farm gate produce sales of any size.


Perhaps one of the best things about ORE is summarized by one attendee who said, “Being supported locally and supporting local in return.” That’s what it’s all about, a reciprocal giving relationship that benefits not just the individuals involved but, in the end, the entire community.

If you’d like to connect with the ORE network to mine the best prospects for your new or existing business, please contact ROEDC, OCL, or CF Oxford. There is no wrong number. You will be directed to the organization that can best answer your questions and help you to see your business on the way to success.


Rural Oxford Economic Development Corporation

Oxford County Library

Community Futures Oxford

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