Train4More in Rural Oxford

Train4More in Rural Oxford

March 2, 2016 — In 2016, you can Train4More with the assistance of the Rural Oxford Economic Development Corporation. Train4More is a program designed by the ROEDC to address the widely reported gap in local access to skilled training.

According to Bernia Wheaton, the economic development specialist for this area, “by bringing technical training opportunities to Rural Oxford, we are assisting youth to access relevant training, while also giving employers the opportunity to tap into customized courses that meet the needs of their existing workforce.”

Local courses will be organized in a number of disciplines that include but are not limited to, Forklift Certification, Qualitative Fit Testing, Working at Heights, and Welding courses that are in demand in the local manufacturing sector as well as in agriculture. The ROEDC understands the need to stay in touch with industrial advances, and as such, will work with top training providers to deliver the programs that meet industry standards and requirements.  Bringing this training to Rural Oxford ensures a highly qualified and competitive workforce.

To kick off the Train4More program, the ROEDC organized and sponsored a skills training workshop for a group of students at College Avenue Secondary School.

Twelve students* took the mandatory ‘Working At Heights’ training that is required by the Ministry of Labour for those working in construction. This course was delivered by the Technical Training Group who has local instructors certified in the delivery of this critical training.

According to Wheaton, “The program was delivered at College Avenue Secondary School (CASS) because this school offers Construction as a high skills major. Students are currently being exposed to Construction technology, and will head toward this industry after graduation. Many will also complete co-op placements with local contractors and businesses and we want our future workforce to be certified and ready to contribute to our local economy.” There has been interest in further courses at CASS as well as numerous other schools in the county that offer courses in Agriculture, Manufacturing, and Construction.

According to the data provided in the Employees – EMSI 2015.3 report, Construction is Rural Oxford’s third largest industry, next to manufacturing and agriculture. Just shy of 1,000 jobs are attributed to construction, which is up from 569 jobs in 2006. That is a dramatic increase in the past ten years, and with employers reporting a shortage of skilled workers, the Train4More program is designed to fill that gap.

“The ROEDC believes that by investing in our future workforce, we can help youth show that they’re serious about employment in rural Oxford, while also helping employers be as competitive as they can be,” Wheaton added.

To find out more about the Train4More program, contact Bernia Wheaton, the local economic development specialist for Rural Oxford and find out your classroom or business can benefit from the Train4More program.

*From left to right: Blair Couwenberg, a Grade 11 student from Norwich, Mark Jentz, a Grade 12 student from Sweaburg, and Tyler Grevers, a Grade 12 student were three youth who completed the 8 hour certification in Working At Heights.  Tyler plans on pursing a level one electrical apprenticeship after graduation.

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