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Bye Bye Burnout! 3 Steps to Overcoming Overwhelm and Becoming A Better Leader

Transform your small business and your life by learning the top 3 changes a successful business owner can make to prioritize their health and wealth.

Bye Bye Burnout! 3 Steps to Overcoming Overwhelm and Becoming A Better Leader

Are you stressed and exhausted from the constant pressure of keeping all the balls in the air – while constantly shuffling your needs to the bottom of your to-do list? If so, there’s a bigger and brighter future for you. One where your day is filled with more freedom, focus, and entrepreneurial enthusiasm. After more than 15 years of being a small business owner, serving both global companies and local small businesses, I’m sharing the top three changes I’ve made to create a company and lifestyle that prioritizes my health and my wealth. Watch now to discover what they are.

About the Presenter

Chris Carter

Chris Carter is a business development specialist with almost two decades of experience in helping clients implement and/or streamline their marketing and sales systems for greater performance and profit. Chris educates, trains, and coaches small business owners to eliminate the overwhelm and confusion often experienced when it comes to sales & marketing so that they can stop struggling and create a clear plan for investing their precious time, energy, and money.

Operating from her core belief “the first wealth is health”, Chris prepares entrepreneurs to win at building the business of their dreams while prioritizing their wellbeing.

A proud dog Mom and shameless CrossFit enthusiast, when she’s not working on her biz you can find Chris challenging her limits at the gym or hiking the local trails with her canine personal trainers, Holly, Jack, and Miley.

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