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Transformative Policies for Your Small Business

Streamline human resources with these vital policies for a sustainable, inclusive and straightforward working environment. From job descriptions to terminations, this video provides all the processes necessary for peace of mind and the ability to run a successful business.

Transformative Policies for Your Small Business

Human resources is not meant to be this dreaded task for you and your business. At the base of human resources, we focus on policies. Without this structure in place, it’s hard for any business owner to try and navigate the workplace, especially once employees come into the mix. From job descriptions and the recruitment process, to health and safety, compensation and terminations, these are the top policies your small business should have in order to run successfully and be sustainable. This video will provide you with all the processes you need to create: an inclusive and straightforward working environment, a place where people feel valued and will complete their best work, peace of mind for yourself to run a successful business

About the Presenter

Emily van Straten

Emily van Straten is the owner and consultant behind Think HR, a human resources & career consulting firm. Born and raised in Oxford County, she built a business geared towards small businesses and the challenges they face, and small-town individuals searching for abundant opportunities. Emily is known for challenging the status quo, putting the human back into human resources, assisting small businesses with their HR needs and helping individuals realize their potential and find a career that allows them to live the life of their dreams. Emily is relatable, adaptable, and ready to take on any challenge that comes her way.



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