We Grow Together Video Series: Spring Recap

We are proud of the many businesses that have grown and flourished in Rural Oxford. To celebrate a few of these success stories, we decided to develop the #WeGrowTogether video series campaign with a few of our community partners.

Alongside Community Employment Services, Community Futures Oxford, Tourism Oxford and The Small Business Centre, we were able to showcase seven Rural Oxford businesses this spring through social media and a series of videos. Each business has its own unique success story and its own reason for choosing Rural Oxford as the home for the business.

Hutton Transport

Hutton Transport, a long-time employer of truck drivers, has had great luck attracting talent in Oxford County. Hutton Transport is always looking to give opportunities to young, ambitious drivers who are eager to learn, offering a job where you get the chance to be independent, ambitious and explore the beauty of Rural Oxford and beyond. Watch their story here.

Jakeman’s Maple Products

Jakeman’s Maple Products is a family business that has been know for its maple syrup products for more than 140 years. Spanning five generations, the business started from humble beginnings here in Rural Oxford and has grown to be globally recognized, shipping their products around the world. Watch their story here.

Eddycrest Sewing Furniture

Eddycrest Sewing Furniture creates wood sewing tables with practical storage solutions and an ergonomic design that provides a comfortable user experience. The business stemmed from owner Adam Eddy watching his mom work in her quilt shop and deciding to create furniture that would work well for her. The business has grown to become well recognized in the sewing industry. Watch their story here.

Schep’s Bakeries

Schep’s Bakeries is North America’s only manufacturer of stroopwafels. Stroopwafels are a speciality cookie made of a waffle sliced in the middle and filled with a sweet filling. The stroopwafel originated in the Netherlands in the 1800s and is now enjoyed by many around the world. Watch their story here.

Al’s Tirecraft

Al’s Tirecraft worked hand-in-hand with Community Employment Services to provide an employment opportunity for Abdul, who immigrated to Canada from Syria in 2016. Abdul was able to adjust to Canadian life and become a thriving Tire Technician and Oil Changer thanks to the support of his organization and community. Watch their story here.

Wild Comfort Body Care

Wild Comfort is a line of skin and hair products that are made with herbs, botanicals, and natural oils and butters. Danielle Paluska created the company after leaving her 20-year long career in mental health and getting creative until she found her niche. Watch their story here.

Bright Cheese & Butter

Bright Cheese & Butter is a cheese factory that makes high quality cheese and other dairy products. In business since 1874, Bright Cheese & Butter is one of Canada’s oldest cheese companies. The company has been very successful in transitioning into a Kosher-approved operation while still maintaining tradition, making cheese the way it was made 150 years ago. Watch their story here.

You can check out the full series here: https://ruraloxford.ca/wegrowtogether/

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